Micro slide cabinet

For Safe and hassle free handling of 75 x 25 mm Slides. Made of CRCA sheets. Designed for its performance, appearance and durability. Powder coated inner and outer finish after 7 tank phosphating for complete scratch proof surfaces and rust free long life.
The anodized seamless moulded (die-pressed) aluminum slide trays for holding 75 x 25 mm slides are arranged separately so as not to disturb other compartments while taking out or putting in the slides.
The common size of the tray is 335 x 230 x 35 mm and is properly fitted with uniformly slotted aluminum carries in four rows, each holding 50 Slides i.e. each tray holds 100/200 Slides in horizontal position and is fitted with index holder. Slide holding slotted rows are numbered 1 to 50 to identify the slides.

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