VDRL Shaker

VDRL shaker is a laboratory equipment used for gentle shaking, mixing & blending. Accumax India Shaker is designed with a heavy-duty motor that performs uniform speed. This type of shaker is universally used for syphilis tests & ideal for serological. Accumax India has two models of vortex mixer; one is with Manual operation and the second one is with the Digital Display of RPM. Our VDRL shakers are rugged in construction with the long-life operation. VDRL shakers have fixed speed and variable speed options with the holding of Slides, Beakers, and Flasks & Bottles. VDRL stands for The venereal disease research laboratory test and this test is a blood test. This blood test is done for testing Syphilis bacteria which is very sensitive to the human body. OurMild steel powder coated body, variable speed/fix speed 180rpm.Works on 220V

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